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We LOVE You Bailey!!!

In loving memory of our beloved Bailey: October 14,1998 - July 25,2003

Over the Rainbows Bridge

Welcome to Hunter & Bailey's Homepage

These are our 2 adorable miniature pinschers (a.k.a. minpins). Hunter is the black/rust you see on your right (born 5/21/98) and Bailey is the chocolate/tan on your left (born 10/14/98). They each have a story about their puppyhood and where they came from, so they asked us to create a page where they could tell everyone about themselves...

Hi! I'm Hunter. In this picture I was 2 months old and only 1.3 lbs. I originally came from Texas and was taken away from my litter too young at only 7 weeks old. I was shipped directly to a pet store in Oklahoma where I stayed for only 5 days. Then I was shipped to another store in New York where I also stayed only 5 days. But mommy & daddy rescued me from the last store and I was so happy! They weren't told how sick I was and didn't know that only a few days after taking this picture I was going to have to be rushed to the doggie emergency room. The doctor told mommy & daddy that I was in glucose shock because I didn't have enough nutrition. I was too scared, homesick and confused to eat.

Here I am after getting over the glucose shock and the kennel cough that I thought would never go away! I'm about 4 months old and 3.5 lbs. in the above pictures. Don't I look so healthy and big? (Hey, that's big for a tiny minpin like me!) Now that I was healthy, mommy & daddy felt I needed a playmate. They didn't want me to be lonely when they weren't home...

Hi! I'm Hunter's new younger brother Bailey. Mommy loves Bailey's Irish Cream and thought it would be such a cute name for a chocolate puppy like me. I'm lucky enough to have come from a good home in Minnesota. My original mommy was real nice & loving. I understand that she couldn't keep me so that's why she searched and found my new mommy & daddy. I'm so happy she chose them because I love Hunter and they are too good to me. The above photo was taken on my 1st day home. I was already 3 lbs. at 10 weeks old. That's double what Hunter was! I guess I'm the bigger younger brother! :) It comes in handy when I chase him around the house!

Here are 2 cute photos taken recently. I'm about 11 weeks old in them. Mommy & daddy only have me a few weeks now. But they'll be taking a lot more photos of me.

Top Ten List of Things We Like To Do:

#10- Playing stupid when mommy & daddy call us. (For all you amateur puppies out there, tilt your head to the side, bat your big puppy-dog eyes and look like you need a hug).

# 9- I love those breath tablets they give me for my stinky breath. They sure taste great!! (This one's Hunter's).

# 8- Underwear, bras & socks rule!! (We don't know what mommy's talking about when she says daddy's feet stink).

# 7- Going outside and getting all the attention from everyone. We're always told that we're the cutest puppies anyone's ever seen!

# 6- Chewing...everything! The carpet is delicious, but not nearly as tasty as the wee-wee pad. We love playing with Mr. Hanky too.

# 5- Licking toes (we still don't know what mommy is talking about...) then giving lots of kisses.

# 4- Munching on those hard, cold, wet, crunchy things that mommy & daddy call ice-cubes. Brrrr!

# 3- Our daily exercise routine, the MinPin 500. That consists of 500 vigorous laps around the coffee table. It keeps us fit & trim.

# 2- TREATS!! Enough said.

# 1- Sleeping, whenever possible.

Click on smaller image to see photos of our Mommy and Daddy!!!

This is our mommy, Denise!!

This is our daddy, Michael!!

Thank you for visiting our homepage! Please come back & see us again. Mommy & daddy will keep updating the photos because we're still growing. If you have any comments or questions, don't be shy...please sign our guestbook. Bye for now!

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WAIT!!! Before we go we want you to check out our mommy's new site. She just released a CD and this is her site. So please check it out and tell us what you think of it. We're so proud of her!


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